Hidden Gem – QJS Marquetry & Web Design


Turning your hobby into a business is a dream for many, but one Eccleshall craftsman has made it happen for two hobbies!  Quentin Smith spent over 30 years as a food microbiologist before setting up his marquetry and web design business – QJS Marquetry & Web Design.

“Most people understand what a web designer does” says Quentin, “but far fewer know much about marquetry, which is the art of making pictures and decorating objects with designs crafted from different species of wood.” 


“I was never much good at ‘proper’ woodwork, but marquetry provided me with a way I can work skilfully with wood.”  And skilfully he does work, crafting pictures of pets, buildings and much more from British and foreign hardwoods.  His work has been sent across the world, including Australia, Canada, Japan, Sweden and Germany.

“Marquetry is a great decorative art which works at all scales” says Quentin, who in 2011 was appointed President of The Marquetry Society.  “The largest piece I’ve worked on was a 32-foot reception desk for a new leisure centre, the smallest – a pair of earrings.”  Recently, Quentin has been commissioned to prepare the marquetry for a limited edition of snare drums made by the Premier Drum Company and he also made marquetry panels that were incorporated by Premier into a unique drum which was presented to Iron Maiden’s drummer, Nicko McBrain.

If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a piece of Quentin’s unique work, or learning the art and craft of marquetry, contact him on 01785-850614 or visit his website at www.qjsmarquetry.co.uk


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