Come and Join Us!


Totally Locally celebrates all local businesses, from Eccleshall’s florists to garages and plumbers, from clothes shops to offices. These small businesses support many other local businesses, which keep our local economy alive. It’s what the whole fabric of a town like Eccleshall is built on. The stronger the local economy, the better it is for the whole town.

Totally Locally isn’t anti-supermarket, anti-big corporate or anti-internet. There is a place for all these things in our lives. It’s just highlighting how a small change in spending habits can make a huge change to Eccleshall.  We have a choice to make the place we live that little bit better by just diverting a little of our weekly spend back into our local economy.  And everyone wants Eccleshall to be great, don’t they?

Many people ask “How can I join Totally Locally?” You can’t join because you’re already in! We celebrate all local businesses – we’re all about shouting about Eccleshall (not about you or me) and why it’s better to buy local.

What we love to hear is “what can I do to help you shout louder”. If this sounds like you, come and join our merry band and make a difference, e-mail or come to one of our gatherings (not a meeting because they are very dull), we drink, chat, plan, laugh on the first Monday of each month, usually at a pub – sometimes we never get very far from the bar!

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Photo montage of Eccleshall Getting Totally Locally in your town